Kaleiia – pronounced as (ka-lei-a) derives from a combination of two Hawaiian mythological princesses, describing a beautiful amazing girl whom everyone loves and adores. Our journey began in 2016 with the beautiful iconic backdrop of Table mountain in the Mother City called Cape Town. Our love for the ocean, nature and a girl called Lexi Kaleiia lead us on a path of discovery combining our artistic and creative passions that became Kaleiia bikinis. Read more about kaleiia……

What makes Kaleiia different from other swimwear brands?

Kaleiia bikinis are made from recycled\recyclable fabrics which are UPF50 protected. Creora high glow chlorine and salt water protected. Oeko Tex 100 approved. We only use minimum elastics where necessary to minimize our footprint and we also don’t believe in fast fashion. Our bikini fabrics are made from fibre created by Repreve – regenerated plastic bottles & Nylon fishing nets, turned into fabric and can be recycled again and again. Keeping it out of landfills and our oceans. We also have a special Crochini launching next year made from 100% cotton. We are always looking for more sustainable sources when we are creating.

14 plastic bottles – 1 bikini set


Who is Lexi Kaleiia – The Face and Personality of Kaleiia Bikinis

(Co Founder of Kaleiia Bikinis & Co Owner – Model – Designer & Creative Artist)

She is the Essence of Kaleiia – Live | Love | Life in a Bikini

The source of our joint inspiration started with Lexi and her endless appreciation of the ocean and love for bikinis. The amount of time she spends collecting trash from the beach and ocean dedicating every moment of her life to protect what she loves always, enjoying life always in a Kaleiia bikini or living life Naturally as a Pure Eco Warrior. With her continuous forming and shaping the designs of Kaleiia Bikinis with TJ Kaleiia, wearing them and testing them, she has become a young entrepreneur at a young age dedicated to being a eco conscious swimwear brand.

“I believe every girl/woman holds Kaleiia within her. Its something that all of us have and it makes us unique in our own way. wearing an eco bikini with pride and joy is my way of protecting the true beauty that i love.





Tj Kaleiia – Photographer & Bikini Designer at Kaleiia Bikinis

 (Founder of Kaleiia Bikinis & Co-Owner – Fashion Photographer – Swimwear Designer)

The Surfer dude with a passion for fashion and feminine beauty. His creative and artistic skills came to life as he experimented with his love for design, combining the elements of Women’s beauty “curves, shape & form” and there right for free expression of there true Natural Selves with Nature’s Pure Essence combined, every design is carefully created to express the beauty, curves, shape and form of women, while preserving & conserving our beautiful oceans and nature. With years of Tj designing & creating pieces with Lexi every step of the way, the passion & love was born which is now ‘Kaleiia Bikinis’

“I have found my true passion in life, design with Feminine Beauty, expressed in every Women that wears a kaleiia Bikini, I am honoured to be apart of KALEIIA. Which women all around the world can love, enjoy and wear with beautiful feminine pride, where ever they are, where ever they Go”

“Wear Kaleiia! Live, Love Life in a Kaleiia Bikini! Be Natural, Be Free”



Mads – Photographer & Designer at Kaleiia Bikinis

(Founder of Kaleiia Crochinis, Co – Owner – Designer – Photographer – Photo Editor)

The love she has for nature and her creative and artistic soul finding beauty  in all that surrounds her. Designer of Kaleiia Croshini range and Photographer. Continuing the legacy of creative and inspiring role-models in her life.

“When you do what you love, everything in your life is worth working hard for”





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